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12 August 2022 16:05


The Misafir series is facing an undeserved result!

The second episode ratings of the new TV series “Misafir”, which started on Fox TV, were very curious. The first episode of the series, starring Hazal Kaya, Buğra Gülsoy and Ozan Dolunay, had average rates.

The story, which can be summarized as a traumatic woman opening the door to a new life with a man with 3 children, and not leaving the traces of the past, was liked. The series, which also enabled Hazal Kaya to return to the sets after a long hiatus, was adapted from the production called Oasis…

Unfortunately, the rating results of the “Misafir” series, which Hazal Kaya fans wanted to keep and wanted to see the actress on the screen for a long time, were unfortunately below expectations.

It is also seen as a great misfortune that the ratings have decreased somewhat compared to the first episode. The Misafir series is an alternative production with both its story and the cast, and it is a series that should stay on the screen on Thursday evenings.

However, it reveals the fact that the ratings in the first two episodes are in a critical situation for the Misafir series. Unfortunately, Misafir is also experiencing the general distress experienced by Fox TV’s series this season…

Those who follow the series do not want this production to be spent. If there is not a strong rise in the ratings in the coming weeks, no one knows what kind of decision the Fox TV management will take. The channel management does not want to give much opportunity to the series that have received low ratings so far.

Since new series are also being prepared, it is not difficult for the channel management to give up productions with low performance. Even if this situation disturbs the fans of the series, there is no sign that the channel management will change their attitude.

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