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6 July 2022 21:58


The moments when Ceylin and Ilgaz cleaned their kitchens in the series Yargı made the audience say stop

Kanal D’s successful TV series, Yargı, aired on Sunday evening in its 18th episode. An hour before the new episode, the product placement detail in the promotional video published on social media did not escape the attention of the fans.

Yargı, signed by Ay production, also tells a very impressive love story in its scenario where the chain of murders comes to the fore. The audience, who is trying to solve the story with Prosecutor Pars in pursuit of the murderer, encounters the ring of a different chain every week and the attention shifts to another name. This is undoubtedly due to the impressive screenplay success of screenwriter Sema Ergenekon.

This success of the Yargı is also reflected in the ratings. The series, which was the second in the Total group last week, managed to be the first in the AB and 20+ABC 1 Group. In the period that the series was broadcast for 4-5 weeks, it has over 800 thousand followers on Youtube, 600 thousand followers on Instagram and 70 thousand followers on Twitter.

This successful trend in different fields must be pleasing the advertising team of Kanal D as much as the actors and producers. We saw the Cif brand, which is known for its cleaning products, while putting it in Ceylin’s bag in the short 7-second “series begins” video posted on social media before the first episode. During the episode, in the scene where Commissioner Eren comes to Ilgaz’s house, Ceylin took a sponge and Ilgaz took the brand’s cleaning product and cleaned the oil stains in the kitchen.

Although these product placements on social media are not welcomed by the fans and comments are made, it is certain that both parties made a good advertising deal and these scenes will be talked about and remembered a lot.

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