The moments when Dilan Telkök's husband Berkay Hardal cut his hair!
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30 March 2023 10:35


The moments when Dilan Telkök’s husband Berkay Hardal cut his hair!

Quarantine days spent by the famous couple Berkay Hardal and Dilan Telkök in their homes in the natural life of the famous couple who quarantined them in their houses in Köyceğiz enjoyed the audience. Fans of the couple state that they like their harmony very much and they encourage marriage with their joyful state.

A video about how the couple spent their quarantine days was shared on Dilan Telkök’s youtube channel. Dilan Telkök cut her husband’s hair with a machine. Berkay Hardal, who felt like Mohikan himself, made everyone laugh.

The fun situations of the couple during the haircut also made the audience laugh a lot. Berkay Hardal said, “Incredibly bad barber, really.” Dilan Telkök, who was surprised and cleansed by the dandruff in her hair, said that she could not get used to her short hair.

The couple also cooked together in their homes and there were fun moments. You can watch the fun moments where the couple change clothes in their homes, have romantic moments with each other, wash their cars together, and collect fruit from the branch.

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