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19 August 2022 11:01


The most talked about topic of the third season in Kardeşlerim series has emerged!

One of the popular TV series on Saturday evenings, Kardeşyerim (My Brothers) has been dragging the audience with powerful emotions for two seasons. Along with the young actors of the series, experienced names also play very important roles. Aslı Mavitan is also on the more cheerful and entertaining side of the series with the character of Ayla.

The character of Ayla is a unique and different woman. The actress stated that although Ayla seems sneaky and cunning, she is more of a naive and naive woman. Three female characters in the TV series Kardeşlerim united against Akif. This female solidarity established by the characters Suzan, Ayla and Nebahat also attracts a lot of attention because of its similarity to real life. Can the solidarity of these three women be successful on Akif?

Fans of Kardaşlerim TV series are most curious about the results of women’s solidarity. Aslı Mavitan was the first to give the message on this issue. The actress said, “It will be a little difficult. Because there is Akif against all three of them. It’s not that easy to beat him, ”she said.

One of the names who answered this question was Ahu Yagtu, who played Suzan. The actress, like her colleague, has the idea that this job is difficult. Ahu Yağtu said, “Akif is a very alert man. He’s also a very evil thinker. He is a man who immediately writes bad scenarios and plans his plans accordingly.”

Mentioning that women’s solidarity may have a chance against Akif, Aslı Mavitan thinks that they can do this by using her weaknesses.

Ahu Yağtu also stated that the common point where the 3 female characters in the series meet is the opposition of Akif and that they want to defeat him somehow, and said, “I hope they will be successful.”

Will the desire to take revenge of all three female characters in the series “Kardeşlerim” win, or will Akif surprise the audience with his evil? You will find the answer to this question only in the third season.

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