The murderer appeared in the Yargı, breathless! No one can predict the next 6 months!
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5 October 2022 13:54


The murderer appeared in the Yargı, breathless! No one can predict the next 6 months!

The Yargı (Judgment) series, broadcast on Kanal D screens, drags the viewers to such places with each episode that situations beyond prediction cause surprise. The Yargı, starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, once again locked the audience on the screen with its 30th episode!

The story that came out of Sema Ergenekon’s strong pen went to such places that there were developments that everyone froze. While the details of Zafer’s murder were revealed for the first time, the audience was again very surprised! The same scene from the time jump of the series 6 months later was broadcast the previous week.

Ceylin entered her office with blood on her hands, immediately washed her hands and face, and was trying to hide the bloody knife. Meanwhile, Eren Commissioner was kicking in the door and was staring at Ceylin in surprise.

Here is the continuation of this scene, at the end of the 30th episode, it was re-released a little further. In the continuation of the scene, which was broadcast with the note ‘6 months later’, it was seen that Ceylin placed the bloody knife in her hand into the soil in the pot, while Eren entered and arrested Ceylin and took her away. Ceylin, who did not say anything, seemed to have killed or injured someone, but it seems almost impossible to guess who it was!

Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon is preparing in advance for developments that will surprise the audience. In the last episode, it was revealed that Serdar committed the murder of Zafer. But of course, only the audience knows the truth! Eren Commissioner and Pars Prosecutor concluded that it was not possible for Çınar to kill Zafer with an accidental bullet, by recreating the scene. There were suspicions that there was another person at the scene and that he killed Zafer when Çınar fainted.

Ceylin got angry and blamed Ilgaz, who claimed that Pars and Eren took care of Çınar with the suspicion of the third person and that this was not true. Ilgaz, who said that he was on the side of his brother and said “you are guilty too”, left the key and left the house.

Ilgaz and Ceylin will part ways in the Yargı series. At least that’s what happened in the last episode. However, it was the surprise of the episode that the real murderer was revealed to be Serdar. After Çınar passed out, the audience saw that it was Serdar who killed Zafer by firing two more shots at Zafer, who was actually still alive and injured.

When and how this truth will come out, everyone is waiting for it now. However, another curious issue is who Ceylin stabbed and why! The Yargı series, with its 30th episode, brought up many questions and gave one of the most important answers.

The 31st episode of the series, which is watched with excitement every week with its gripping story, will be published on Sunday, May 8, is now awaited with greater curiosity. The series signed by Ay Yapım, which also gets good results in the ratings every week, reached the top again! With its 30th episode, it succeeded to be the first in the Total and AB categories.

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