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20 May 2022 18:47


The name of Burak Deniz will resonate more in the world after this event

Famous actor Burak Deniz took part in the shooting of the TV series called Şahmaran and later received many offers from the producers. Let us remind you that the actor, who shared the lead role with Alina Boz in the ATV series Maraşlı last season, also took part in the shooting of the movie Gidenler.

The actor, who went to Italy for the series Cahil Periler (Ignorant Fairies), shot by Ferzan Özpetek in the summer, will play a photographer Asaf in this production, which will soon be broadcast on Disney Plus. The actor, who went to Italy for the premiere of the Ignorant Fairies series, continues to increase his popularity rapidly in this country.

Burak Deniz told TV100 that he was excited before his trip to Rome. The actor said, “I’m going for Ferzan teacher’s adaptation of the movie Ignorant Fairies and its launch. I took part in the last 4 episodes,” he said.

The fact that Burak Deniz plays an influential role in this series, which is the first domestic project of Disney Plus in Italy, brings great opportunities for his career. In Italy, where Burak Deniz is gaining popularity, Ignorant Fairies is expected to make a big contribution to the actor’s awareness.

The serial version inspired by Ferzan Özpetek’s movie titled Ignorant Fairies, released in 2001, is also eagerly awaited. Burak Deniz explained that those who watch this movie will find a more advanced version of it in the series.

The actor said, “The movie is a cult movie. Let it be a surprise for the audience, a beautiful project awaits. It was a project worth adapting to a series,” he said.

Burak Deniz, who stated that the character of Asaf entered the story as the nephew of the character played by Serra Yılmaz, will be included in the story in this way.

Evaluating the interest received by Turkish actors abroad, the actors said, “They love it, so they welcome it. Turkish TV series are now sold and broadcast in Italy and many countries around the world. Of course, Turkish players attract great attention,” he said.

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