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6 July 2022 19:59


The new day of Sana Söz pleased the audience!

The broadcast date of the TV series Sana Söz, in which Star TV brought together Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya in the lead roles, has been changed. It was announced that the new broadcast day of the series, which was said to be broadcast on Friday evening, will be Wednesday. This decision delighted the audience.

The leading roles in Sana Söz, which will appear as a detective series, are played by Nehir Erdoğan, Erkan Petekkaya and Serkan Altunorak. The broadcast date of the series was first announced as Friday evening, November 5th.

However, the channel management changed the broadcast date of Sana Söz and put it on Wednesday. In this case, the first episode of the new series will meet with the audience on Wednesday, November 3rd. While such decisions generally angered the audience, the opposite happened in Sana Söz.

The viewers, who were curious about the series, expressed that they were very pleased with the new day in their social media sharing. One viewer commented: “I wanted Wednesday all along, it was so good. There is a section that is very bored with Sadakatsız. It will be a good alternative, so it’s just watching to watch.”

Another viewer pointed out that Aziz and Sana Söz, who will be broadcast on Show TV, belongs to the same production company and said, “The same production with Aziz on the same day was objectionable. Wednesday could fill the gap.” he commented. One viewer wrote, “Finally, I have now found a TV show to watch on Wednesday.”

However, the last minute change of the broadcast date of Sana Söz allegedly stems from another reason. Accordingly, there was a possibility that the second episode of Sana Söz, prepared by O3 Medya, would not catch up. When Saner Ayar, owner of O3 Media company, shared this possibility with the management of Star TV, the channel changed both the day and the start date of the series, which it planned to broadcast on Friday evenings. In this way, the possibility of overlapping the series of the same production company on two different channels was eliminated.

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