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5 July 2022 12:24


The revenge plan came into play in the Camdaki Kız series!

The series Camdaki Kız, which meets the audience on Kanal D screens on Thursday evenings, dazzles with its successful performance. The series, which once again reveals its power with both its story and acting performances, wins first place in all categories.

Feyyaz Şerifoğlu also draws attention with the character of Sedat, played by Feyyaz Şerifoğlu in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”, which is at the top of the rating. Feyyaz Şerifoğlu, who was the partner of Burcu Biricik as a guest actor in the Kırmızı Oda TV series, had her name written in the Camdaki Kız with her success. The actress, who became popular in a short time, is appreciated for her role as well.

You will find the first steps of a revenge story in the 18th new episode of the Camdaki Kız series. Sedat wants to sell his company shares to Cavit to take revenge on his father!

Sedat’s anger towards his father never subsides. So he makes a plan and decides to sell his company shares. How will Rafet react to this situation?

Camdaki Kız will be broadcast on Kanal D with its new episode on Thursday at 20.00. Here is the first trailer from the new episode of the series:

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