The new series excitement of Boran Kuzum!
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27 September 2022 08:34


The new series excitement of Boran Kuzum!

Boran Kuzum and Meriç Aral, who played the leading role in the movie Biz Böyleyiz, shot in the summer of 2019, missed their work during the quarantine days.

The movie Biz Böyleyiz, which met the audience in January, was highly appreciated. The actors who develop their friendship in the film are uncomfortable with their coronavirus pandemics, both from their jobs and being away from each other.

Boran Kuzum posted his photo from his Instagram account. The actor said, “We missed our job,” and said he missed taking part in the sets. Boran Kuzum is preparing for the series Respect. The actor, who published his photo reading the script, is very excited …

It is known when the shooting of the Respect series prepared for Blu TV due to coronavirus will begin. Boran Kuzum will star in this production with his former co-star Miray Daner, along with master actor Nejat İşler.

Boran Kuzum and Miray Daner previously played the characters of two lovers Leon and Hilal in the series Wounded Love.

His close friend Meriç Aral responded to the sharing of Boran Kuzum. Meriç Aral says, “Our job is our strength, our wife is our friend” and wants the life to return to normal.

Meriç Aral played the character of the Eylem in The Oath series, which made the finals last season.

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