The original story of the Mahkum series is over! What comes next is a real surprise!
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31 January 2023 19:51


The original story of the Mahkum series is over! What comes next is a real surprise!

Fox TV’s top rating series, Mahkum (Prisoner), has been watched with great curiosity since the first episode it came to the screen. The series, which started with a rapid debut, also manages to become the favorite series of Thursday evenings without reducing the action and tempo. It is in a fierce competition with its closest rival, Kanal D’s Camdaki Kız 8Girl in the Glass) series.

Those who watch the series Mahkum, especially İsmail Hacıoğlu, take their hats off to his acting in every episode. Taking the lead role with Onur Tuna, Hacıoğlu brings to life a troubled and traumatic personality who killed and replaced his twin brother.

The departure of Seray Kaya, one of the leading roles in the series, and the arrival of Talat Bulut, who is newly included in the series, with the character of Sinyor, were the most remarkable stories of the last weeks. The Mahkum series by MF Production is adapted from the South Korean TV series Innocent Defendant.

Viewers have been emphasizing that the story is starting to end by referring to the original of the series on social media for a while. While the series was continuing, the audience drew attention to this problem in the 5th episode. With the original story ending soon, the Mahkum’s story from now on is a total surprise!

The screenwriters have to continue the story from where they left off with their own fiction. Episodes that exceed 120 minutes on the television screen also make the stories of the series difficult. While the stories of foreign production serials end in 10-12 episodes, new events have to be added to the stories because this period is much longer in Turkey.

However, it seems that The Mahkum’s original story was completed in no time! The series, which received acclaim with its ratings, will continue in the second season. But from now on, it seems like the screenwriters will have to work harder to keep the show alive and not to lose interest!

The events in the Mahkum series were going exactly the same as Innocent Defendant. As no additions were made to the story, the whole story was soon wasted! Therefore, the original story of the series, which normally lasts 18 episodes, is over! This week, the 18th episode of Mahkum was released. The story was completed in the same process by adapting the one-to-one story.

Mahkum series is now entrusted to local screenwriters! We will watch in the following episodes whether the excitement that has continued for 18 episodes will continue. Audiences are worried that the story is being played from beginning to end so quickly!

In some comments made on social media, it is seen that the audience said that they could not get the old taste, especially after the prison escape scene. In the messages, attention is drawn to the fact that the story turns into a very different state with the introduction of the character of Sinyor. The audience is trying to guide the screenwriters with their messages. However, the future of the series started to be a matter of great curiosity…

Here are some of the latest comments from the strict followers of the series… It seems that they point to similar points in the criticisms received. Let’s see how the screenwriters will fix this situation? We will watch and see…

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