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20 May 2022 15:44


This is how Ezgi Şenler, who dazzled with her performance in the Teşkilat series, pays her loyalty!

Young actress Ezgi Şenler, whom we watched in the romantic comedy series Çatı Katı Aşk (Rooftop Love) last season, had the opportunity to showcase her talents with her new TV series called Teşkilat (Organization) which was broadcast on TRT1.

Ezgi Şenler, who portrayed the character of Pınar in the TV series Teşkilat, in which seven heroes reveal the struggle of patriots against foreign and domestic enemies against the country, once again won the admiration of the audience with her performance.

Ezgi Şenler, whom we watched in the lead role of the TV series titled Çatı Katı Aşk, which was broadcast on Kanal D in the summer months last season, was exposed to unfair criticism, was portrayed as responsible for the poor ratings of the project, and was criticized on social media. The actress, who left the series without a finale and left the production with the arrival of Selin Şekerci, was chosen as a scapegoat.

Ezgi Şenler, who is in the Teşkilat this season, shows that the criticism is unfounded with her quality acting, and has brought millions of viewers to the screen since the day she started the series. The young actress became a role model for young people along with the strong actresses of the series.

The 29-year-old actress has been living in Ankara for a long time for the shooting of the Teşkilat TV series. When Ezgi Şenler got tired of constantly commuting to Istanbul to see her family, she decided to make her first investment in Ankara. The actress who bought a house in Ankara for 1 million TL spent 300 thousand TL for it.

Ezgi Şenler, who wanted to repay her debt of loyalty to her family as soon as the renovation of the house was completed, took her family with her.

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