Series News The period of love begins in the Destan series, the excitement of the audience peaked!

The period of love begins in the Destan series, the excitement of the audience peaked!


Those who are eagerly waiting for the new episode of the Destan series, especially the trailers, are waiting with great interest during the week… The 15th episode of the epic series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 15, is of great importance for the audience. Because in this new chapter you will find signs that indicate the beginning of the period of love.

The story of Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli, in the lead roles, takes place in the eighth century. A great effort is displayed in the background for the epic series, where we watch the power struggle of Akkız, a fictional hero. It has to be said that a strong production has emerged in terms of both costumes, decorations, accessories and the language of expression of the series.

Since the epic series is a production that reaches millions of people in many countries as well as in Turkey, every episode is important. The ratings of the series are also doing well and it must be said that ATV is pleased with the strong support of its loyal audience, even if the double-digit rates are not coming.

In the Destan series, sparks of love between Batuga and Akkız have been observed for a while, but the 15th episode will be an episode in which there will be a break in this sense. The scenes in which Batuga confesses his love for Akkız are eagerly awaited.

In the 15th episode trailer of the series, Batuga will make the viewers feel the inner voice of love by saying, “I said I would not attempt this love, but I was already smitten with Akkız”.

The viewers will not miss the 15th new episode, which bears the traces of Batuga and Akkız’s struggle together and with love.