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20 May 2022 19:19


The price of Cemre learning the truth in the Mahkum series was heavy!

The Mahkum (Prisoner) series broadcast on Fox TV draws attention as one of the most successful projects of the season. The ratings tell how well it debuted. The fact that the fans of the series look forward to Thursday evenings every week is one of the proofs of this great success.

Adapted from the South Korean TV series Innocent Defendant, Mahkum (Prisoner) succeeded in becoming a production that attracted great attention like the original in a short time. Onur Tuna, İsmail Hacıoğlu, Melike İpek Yalova and Seray Kaya take the lead roles in the Mahkum series, where a different excitement is experienced every week.

In the past weeks, it has been talked about that Seray Kaya will leave due to the end of her story from the series. This separation took place in the 17th episode of the Mahkum series, where the exciting scenes were broadcast last night.

Learning that her father is Zahit Yesari and her brother is Barış Yesari, Cemre collects her belongings and leaves her aunt’s house where she is staying. Meanwhile, Barış Yesari, who was trapped, ordered the death of the entire team and showed Sasha the first target, Cemre. While she was sadly walking down the street, Cemre was stabbed by someone whose face we did not see, and collapsed to the ground after the stab wounds she received.

Many TV series fans did not think that Cemre would leave the story. “How can the lead say goodbye to the drama?” Those who asked this question did not want to believe the allegations, but the end of the character came. Although Fırat sees Cemre and runs to her, we will see in the 18th Episode whether she will be able to survive or die.

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