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12 August 2022 15:06


The publication date and details of the Mezarlık project, which brings together Birce Akalay and Olgun Toker, have become clear!

The release date of the movie series Mezarlık (Cemetery), starring Birce Akalay and Olgun Toker, and directed by veteran director and producer Abdullah Oğuz, has been announced.

While Netflix announced the first season release date of the highly anticipated movie series as June 17; shared the first images on the platform.

ANS Production & The countdown has begun for the “Mezarlık” film series signed by Evrensel Film.

Produced by Abdullah Oğuz and Evren Oğuz, screenplay written by Özden Uçar, Onur Böber and Evren Oğuz; It was breathtaking for the series, which consisted of 4 films in the first season, signed by Abdullah Oğuz.

In the cast of the movie series; There are also popular names such as Şehsuvar Aktaş, Hakan Meriçliler, Berna Öztürk, Sezgin Uzunbekiroğlu, Baran Güler, Cem Sürgit and Elif Sevinç.

The Mezarlık series, consisting of 4 films in the first season, namely “Hotter Than the Sun”, “As Close as a Breath”, “Woman in the Lake” and “The Knot”, also draws attention to the inequality between men and women and the marginalized position of women in society. pulling.

Istanbul Deputy Chief of Police Haluk Ata (Hakan Meriçliler) announced at the press conference that the Special Crimes Unit was established to investigate and solve femicides and that Önem Özülkü (Birce Akalay) was appointed as the head of the unit.

In the movie, Önem and her team; The struggles of deputy commissioner Serdar Ata (Olgun Toker), police officer Hasan Duru (Şehsuvar Aktaş), hacker Sophia (Berna Öztürk), criminalist Berk Güleryüz (Baran Güler) and coroner Feriha Mahmudzade (Sezgin Uzunbekiroğlu) to solve the murders of women will be shown to the audience. being transferred.

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