Artists News The quarantine process revealed Birce Akalay’s illness!

The quarantine process revealed Birce Akalay’s illness!


Portraying the character of Ilay in the Babel series, Birce Akalay quarantined herself at home because of the coronavirus outbreak. However, this process also caused the problems of the actress to increase.

Because Birce Akalay has Claustrophobia disease. This disease is generally a fear of entering or escaping into a small space or room.

Birce Akalay, who experienced this situation, which could result in panic attacks, in the quarantine process, talked about her illness for the first time in her publication.

Stating that he was at home, the actress said: “But I have claustrophobia and it is very difficult for me to stay at home. I’m going into the new ‘time-efficient’ head. We blocked thinking, I understood it during this period. We have reduced the blocks for my existence and needs. We returned to thinking during this period. ”

She, who went out from time to time, also pointed out that there was a period when everyone was equalized.