The ratings of Kalp Yarası series were astonishing!
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9 February 2023 16:25


The ratings of Kalp Yarası series were astonishing!

Everyone expects much better ratings for the ATV series called Kalp Yarası as September approaches. Because the summer season is ending and the followers of the series are returning to the screen. In this process, there is little time left for the opening of schools, which makes it necessary for many people to return to their normal order.

Kalp Yarası, which received very good ratings in the decreasing number of viewers in the summer period on television, unfortunately surprised everyone with its eighth episode aired last night. The story of the series, starring Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin, was progressing very well. Adapted from the story of Tomris Giritlioğlu, the performances of the actors were good in the series, and things went well.

However, the fans of the series were quite surprised by the low ratings of last night’s episode. These ratings are actually pretty good for the summer, but many people are right to be surprised as Kalp Yarası has gotten better ratings before.

The series, which was first in all people, took third place in EU and second place in ABC1. The series, which is in a very good position in terms of ranking, was expected to increase its ratings, but when the decline came, the game was broken.

On social media, the fans of the TV series managed to bring Heartache to the top of the agenda with thousands of tweets they shared. Fans of Kalp Yarası, which has been the most talked about topic for a long time, also made various criticisms.

The viewers, who are reacting to the obsessive state of the character of Baha played by Kemal Burak Alper and that it is often included in the story, also increase the criticism that the character of Hande, played by Merve Çağrıran, cannot reveal personality.

Apart from the criticisms towards the story, the fans of Heartache are also very happy with the progress.
The series should get much better ratings as of September. Because the winter rating race will be very tough.

Here is the 9th episode trailer of Kalp Yarası series, which will be released on Monday, August 30:

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