Fikret Kuşkan, who started the series El Kızı, made another series deal!
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9 February 2023 14:32


Fikret Kuşkan, who started the series El Kızı, made another series deal!

Fikret Kuşkan, whom we watched with his successful performance in the Zalim Istanbul series, which made the final in June last year, claimed health problems due to the pandemic and was not included in the final of the series.

In an environment where Fikret Kuşkan was still in the pandemic period, it did not go unnoticed that he made an agreement with Fox TV’s series El Kızı. The master actor, who participated in the series, which started shooting in Muğla, will appear in front of the audience as Resul, the father of Ezo’s character.

In the painful story of the character Ezo, played by Sevda Erginci, where her father Resul will be located is eagerly awaited by the fans of the series. It turned out that Fikret Kuşkan, who is the last person to join the project, which is expected to start on the Fox TV screen in September, is also in talks for another series.

Another new series has been added to the preparations for TRT’s digital channel. In the TV series named Akif, the life of Mehmet Akif Ersoy, the poet of the National Anthem, will be discussed. Fikret Kuşkan will play the leading role in the series, where you will closely watch the process before and after the writing of the National Anthem.

The actor, who will come to the fore with the character of Mehmet Akif Ersoy, seems to be a very good choice. The digital series, which will last 13 episodes, will be shot in 40-minute episodes.

Fikret Kuşkan, who is already on the set for the series El Kızı, will also take part in the works for the TV series Akif in September. The actress, who will experience an intense work pace between the two series, does not escape attention as she has overcome the effects of the pandemic period.

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