Series News The ratings will not increase, they will burst in Yasak Elma!

The ratings will not increase, they will burst in Yasak Elma!

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In Yasak Elma series, an episode that will surprise everyone will be published next week. The chapters in which the character of Yıldız, played by Eda Ece, is the drag of the story again begins… The forbidden love of Kumru and Çağatay characters will cause great trouble for others.

The 117th new episode of the Yasak Elma series, in which Biran Damla Yılmaz, who joined the series with Berk Oktay in the new season, also performed effectively, will cause great surprise for many viewers. Even the trailer shared from the new episode of the series has already become number one on the youtube trending videos list.

This is how the screenwriters bait and switch. As the harsh and absurd situations increase in the story of the series, the interest of the audience increases considerably. Yildiz, who organizes an invitation in honor of the destruction of her own home, will invite both Kumru and Çağatay to the stage during that invitation.

Then she will reveal to everyone that they betrayed him and she will take great revenge on them. Of course, Kumru and Çağatay, who think that they went on stage for a very different reason, will suddenly become disgraced in front of everyone.

Yıldız’s magnificent revenge plan has already enchanted the fans of the series. The new episode is eagerly awaited. With the 117th episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, October 25th at 20:00, the ratings of Yasak Elma are expected to explode.

Ratings, which have already been on the rise in recent weeks, may well go up. Yasak Elma, which won the first place by passing the Kalp Yarası in the category of all people, comes with even more effective episodes.

It seems that Yıldız’s revenge plan will ensure that the Yasak Elma series will progress very strongly in the fifth season. Fans of the series are also making comments stating that they are very surprised with their social media comments and that it is a very exciting episode.