The Red Truck started off badly in the ratings, but it impressed the audience too!
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30 September 2022 10:34


The Red Truck started off badly in the ratings, but it impressed the audience too!

“Red Truck” (Kırmızı Kamyon), signed by Show TV’s 10th House, started its screen journey with its first episode last night. The action-packed struggle of hero firefighters to save lives by disregarding their lives locked the audience on the screen. In addition to the lives and hard struggles of firefighters, the tough struggle of the firefighter chief sergeant Uğur, whose life was turned upside down after he lost his wife in a fire, and the emotional moments he lived with his daughter Ömrüm managed to deeply impress the audience from the first episode. It was unexpected that the ratings of the series were too low. The series was broadcast yesterday evening and found it difficult to compete with the TV series The Ottoman, Unfaithful, My Home My Destiny, Innocence, Melek: A Mother’s Struggle. The team, which was very careful for the first episode, could not attract the audience to the series with the promotions that Show TV has been going for a while. As of the second episode, there is an expectation that the series will reach more viewers.

In the first episode of Red Truck, which was broadcast yesterday evening, the tough battle of Uğur, who lost his wife in a tragic fire, to find the perpetrators of the fire that caused his wife’s death and to reunite his daughter Ömrüm came to the screen. Uğur and his fire brigade, who took action to respond to a fire, achieved great success. Not wanting to leave anyone behind, Uğur saved the life of a little boy who was trapped in the building by throwing himself into the flames without thinking. Support for Uğur, who had a hard time amid the flames, came from Commander Tolga. Tolga helped Uğur and saved both the child and Uğur. These exciting moments, where the fire crew disregarded their own lives to save lives, were highly appreciated.

As the fire brigade’s efforts to extinguish it continued, Uğur recognized a man he saw among the crowd. Uğur, who saw this man on the day of the fire he lost his wife, went after the lead he caught. Uğur, who asked his friend to search the man’s plate, reached the home address of this man, whose name was Nazım. Even though Uğur, who went to the address, clung to Nazım’s collar, Nazım managed to escape in the fight they had. Uğur was shocked when a car hit Nazım while he was chasing the man.


Uğur was in a legal struggle with Cem, both his colleague and his former close friend, for his daughter Ömrüm. Cem, who was once the best friend of Uğur, held Uğur responsible for the death of his sister and wanted his nephew Ömrüm to grow up in a happy home with his family. On the day of the trial, the emotional moments between Uğur and Ömrüm touched the hearts of the audience. The hard times of Ömrüm, who missed her father but was under the influence of Cem’s wife Zehra, deeply affected everyone. Zehra’s fondness for the little girl drew attention. In the case filed for the guardianship of Ömrüm, the judge decided to appoint a forensic psychologist to the case after listening to the parties. Forensic psychologist Yonca checked both Uğur’s and Cem’s homes. Yonca’s decision would affect Uğur’s whole life.


The first promotion was published in the second episode of the Red Truck. The words that Uğur said in the emotional promotion where he saw his daughter Ömrüm increase the excitement. While Uğur, who goes after the arsonists who caused his wife’s death, continues his struggle to reach the name that gave the order, the explosion that occurred while the fire brigade was in the rescue effort was the scene of fearful moments.

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