Who is Emre Karayel? Height - Age - Series - Family
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5 October 2022 02:52


Who is Emre Karayel? Height – Age – Series – Family

Emre Karayel was born on October 18, 1972 in Adana. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actor and presenter.

Name: Emre Karayel
Date of Birth: October 18, 1972
Place of Birth: Adana
Height: 1.80 m.
Weight: 75 kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eye color brown
Hair color is black
Mother: Türkan Onat
Spouse: Gizem Demirci
Siblings: Murat Karayel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emrekarayel01/
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: He was born in Adana Osmaniye Kadirli. His father is a farmer, he has an older brother. She married interior designer Gizem Demirci in 2020. “We are from Adana, more precisely from Kadirli. Father farmer, get up in the morning, go to the field with dad. Cotton gathered, watermelon collected. Let it break and beat it. As soon as I finished primary school, I went to Ankara Atatürk High School as a boarding student. It was my brother who guided my future, who threw the cover to Ankara before me and managed to enter the Faculty of Medicine in the top 100. My father’s side is still in Adana. Everyone knows my mother in the Çeşme-Dalyan region, she is more famous than me. They don’t call him “Emre Karayel’s mother”, they call me “Türkan Onat’s son.”

Childhood years: His childhood passed in nature in Adana. As a child, he had no dreams of becoming an actor. “The land I was born in, of course, had a great influence on my construction, my development and my perspective on the world. Çukurova is very fertile soil. I grew up in a small town, in a street and family environment, in the highlands. I think all this contributed a lot to me. I still love Adana very much. I go at every opportunity. When I was a kid, there was only TRT. It was difficult to find toys. Television broadcasting was only at certain times. My father used to tell us stories in the evenings. There was an old mirror in the house, too, and I would find myself in front of that mirror during the day and try to recreate the stories my father told in the evening. My acting started in childhood in front of the mirror. My high school life was not very successful. I was a wandering rogue man. I didn’t have a thing about acting in my mind either. After starting economics, I took the dubbing exam in hopes of earning some money, I couldn’t do it. From there, they called him to the theater and dubbing course. I went, ‘Let me go at least’. I took the stage for a tiny show. Oh, what can I see? They clap like crazy. I felt good, I felt good. All right, I said; my place is the stage. So I entered Bilkent, I studied theater. ”

Education life: After Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School, he entered Gazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics, but before finishing the school, he decided to study at Bilkent University Theater Department and graduated from there.

First step into acting: He started his television adventure in 2000 with the TV series “Ablam Böyle İstedi”.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character “Zekeriya”, which he portrayed in the “A Tale Of Istanbul” series.

The turning point of his career: He started his acting career in TRT, which he sees as a school. The TV series “Bir Kadın Bir Erkek” (One Woman One Man) became the turning point of his career. “TRT was actually a school in itself. In those years, I worked on the TV series for TRT, hosted a program, played professional puppets in children’s programs. I also have a way of playing puppets professionally, but since time is short, of course I can’t. That is why TRT was a school, and TRT employees at that time contributed greatly to me. If I can still be a television host today, I owe it to those years and TRT. It is very precious for me that my beginning was TRT in those years. The series ‘One Woman One Man’ is a turning point for me, it took Demet Evgar and me for two years to find me in the project, but it was worth it. The producer of the series, Müge Turalı, both changed our lives and provided us the opportunity to work in a very good production. When I first read the script, I said that this guy is mine. I loved a woman, a man project. Demet Evgar has also been a very good partner for me. He is one of Turkey’s most talented actress I always say. My life is divided into two as before and after that. It’s nice to do a job that is very popular. It is a great pleasure to have a job that we sometimes feel does not belong to us. The most special job of my life. ”

Personality traits: Fun, humorous, likes to live life to the fullest. “I get angry quickly. I am aggressive. That’s why I can break a heart very quickly. I can break the hearts of my employees, friends, loved ones. Then I regret it. ”

Mindset: Believes in the virtue of being human. “I think being human is a very important virtue. I am aware that I cannot play human without human. I try to be as good as I can to everyone around me. Of course there are moments when my ego spikes, but somehow I try to balance that. I did not take a single step towards fame. I don’t have a toxic life following him. If I don’t have fear, I’ll cease to be human. Fear is one of the two most basic emotions, the other being love. But I cannot say that it covers my whole life. Doses are fears that I use doses, because it often happens to be a driving force. ”

What kind of person is he on set? He loves comedy. He enjoys being able to make comedy and make people laugh. “It is a very good feeling but I cannot admit that I am a comedy actor. It would be something wrong. I’m an actor. I was a part of many important drama series before. Gümüş, A Tale Of Istanbul and Psychopaths are the most well-known. After all, I played in many different roles. Especially when “Bir Kadın Bir Erkek” is a comedy, people see it that way when it is loved. After all, I am an actor, I try to play every role in the best way possible. Of course good dramas can also involve the audience, but comedy is more sympathetic in dealing with the audience. Because the entertaining aspects make it easier for the audience to find themselves in comedy and to love comedy. ”

First movie: Fide Motan / Fişgittin Bey

His gaze on love: “Actually, it is very difficult to get and run a relationship. Divorces and separations have increased in our country. We are in the age of technology and people are pushed into loneliness. They can access anything by pressing four or five keys from the tiny screen in front of them. All that remains is to have a child or to have sex for pleasure. Therefore, it is very difficult to create relationships. This is a deadlock for all of us. If the love is over, it is over, but one cannot get divorced from putting your socks under the sofa, my brother. For one thing, both sides will respect their previous lives. They don’t have to love each other’s life, but they will respect it. You know, there is a cluster of intersections, that middle intersection area, their area, they can enlarge it even more, they will live there. ”

His attitude to business life: “There is no artist without an ego. I think there is only an artist who cannot manage his ego. Of course I also have an ego. I would like to be respected for my work. The ego helps me with that. I did not start this business to be famous, but I knew that I would be famous while doing this job. I set out knowing what would happen to me. In the first years I started this business, I had social phobia for a while. I couldn’t go anywhere. People are constantly looking at you, wondering. This situation becomes uncomfortable after a while. You start not to see anyone anymore. The eye no longer chooses. We are actors and there are different branches of our profession. Cinema, theater, television series, presenter. Does everyone act in the drama or host, they are optional, but ultimately we are actors. I think we have to work in every field where we can maintain our profession. ”

Career plan: “Does not differentiate between the jobs he does. He tries to enjoy his every job, do his best, show the same care to every job. “Of course my main profession, my main art branch, is theater. My private square is the stage. I came to this point by playing very different characters. My job is acting, if someone asks me something, I don’t have a chance to block it. I always say this; I don’t know a clear path to success but I do know a clear path to failure. And that is trying to please everyone. They called me ‘Zechariah’ for a while, then they said ‘God damn you, Engin’, and for a while they said ‘Ozi’. When I am summoned, I am just looking. There is nothing I can do. My antidote is theater. I do not think that great performances have been performed in television series anyway. I have always dreamed of acting in a biography movie. I would very much like to portray the life of Fatin Rüştü Zorlu, former deputy prime minister, foreign minister, in a movie. After the coup of May 27, Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was executed together with Minister of Finance Hasan Polatkan. I think he lived a very impressive life, not just his political identity. Thanks to Emin Çolaşan’s interviews with Fatin Rüştü Zorlu’s beloved, I became aware of the details of her life and it impressed me very much. They also had a very nice love story. ”

Dream of the Future: He has many dreams that he wants to realize for the future. “I have a desire to create chances for people who want to do this job and work high. I also want to do something for the children. Maybe I can implement a project using animation or old Turkish children’s stories. But of course, I want to do something that will challenge me, that I can overcome and that people will admire. ‘Something like Daniel Day Lewis did in My Left Foot. Something crazy and contrary! For example, I would like to have a farm. Horses would be great too. I’m not just describing myself by acting. I love farming, I love Adana, I can go without hesitation. ”

The criterion of attractiveness in women: He finds strong women attractive. “A woman should be strong, but a woman.”

Hobby: There are British horses, he sees this business as a hobby. “I have two horses, I’m in the hobby part of the business. I disagree with those who say this is gambling. I did not get into this job saying ‘let me play horse racing’. I love my horses. They cannot lift me at 5 am for the set, but I go to training for the horses. ”

What does it spend money on? He is investing in real estate because he has a rent phobia as a student. “What if I can’t pay my rent?” I bought 1-2 houses for investment. Then maybe I’ll sell them and buy myself another house. I used to have a lot of money shortages. I know well what lack of money is. Thank God I’m better now. ”


2021- Last Summer / Fatih Doğanay

2019- Söz Vermiştin / Nesim

2018- Kocaman Ailem / Şinasi Koyuncular

2016- Friends Forever / Tarık Hoca

2014/2015- 1 Erkek 1 Kadın 2 Çocuk (1 Woman 1 Man 2 Kids) / Ozan Karaman

2008/2009- Dear Family / Zeki

2008/2015- 1 Woman 1 Man / Ozan Karaman

2007- Mahser: Nubocco’nun Zehri / Gökhan

2007- The Valley of Wolves Ambush / Zafer Sasonlu

2007- The Captive / Serhat

2006- Acemi Cadı

2005- Körfez Ateşi

2005- Kırık Kalpler Durağı/ Hakan

2005/2006- Gümüş / Engin

2004- Sayın Bakanım / Memduh

2004- A Tale Of Istanbul / Zekeriya

2003- Ablam Böyle İstedi / Murat

2002- Kuzenlerim (My Cousins) / Metin

2002- Bizim Evin Halleri

2000- Saksıdaki Ağaç/ Şenol

2000- Ablam Böyle İstedi


2018- Düğüm Salonu

2016- El Değmemiş Aşk / Zafer

2013- Erkek Tarafı Testosteron/ Kamber

2010- Aşkın İkinci Yarısı/ Armen

2009- Başka Dilde Aşk/ Aras

2008- Usta

2007- Zincirbozan / Perle

2007- Polis/ Bekir

2003- Fişgittin Bey


2018- Oksimoron – Robert Dubac – Tatbikat Sahnesi

2016- Kredi- Jordi Galceran – Aysa Prodüksiyon

2012- Antonius ile Kleopatra : William Shakespeare – Oyun Atölyesi

2009- Testosteron- Andrzej Saramonowicz – Oyun Atölyesi

2006- Jeanne D’Arc’ın Öteki Ölümü – Stefan Tsanev – Oyun Atölyesi

2004- Othello – William Shakespeare – Oyun Atölyesi

2001- Ghetto – Joshua Sobol – Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu

2000- Azizname – Aziz Nesin\Yücel Erten


2018/2020- Çarkıfelek

2015- Sesi Çok Güzel

2014- Akıl Kârı


2009- 13th Afife Theater Awards / Most Successful Musical or Comedy Actor of the Year in a Supporting Role / Testosteron

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