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6 July 2022 23:25


The release date of Bir Nefes Daha, starring Oktay Çubuk and Hayal Köseoğlu, has been announced!

The release date of the movie Bir Nefes Daha, which will be broadcast on BluTV, which has recently appeared with ambitious productions, has been announced. Oktay Çubuk and Hayal Köseoğlu share the lead roles in the movie “Bir Nefes Daha”, which will meet with the audience on BluTV on February 25, while Ushan Çakır, Eren Çiğdem and Ayris Alptekin accompany them in other roles.

Written and directed by Nisan Dağ, “Bir Nefes Daha” was deemed worthy of five awards in the 2021 Adana Golden Boll Film Festival national feature film competition in the categories of best director, screenplay, supporting man, promising woman and promising man.

“Bir Nefes Daha” invites the audience to the world of young rapper Fehmi, who lives in Karaçınar, known as the tough neighborhood of Istanbul. For Fehmi, who is not motherless, lives with his brother and father, works in a buffet, and is constantly tested by poverty, rap music is a kind of escape from the life he lives, but at the same time, it is a dream of getting out of the life he is tired of. Drug addiction is the biggest obstacle in front of Fehmi, who dreams of making an album with Yunus, and getting rid of the world they live in.

But things change when he falls in love with former DJ Devin, who comes from a different background. These two lost souls inspire each other in unexpected ways. Fehmi’s presence also has a restorative effect on Devin.

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