The release date of Cem Yılmaz's highly anticipated series, Erşan Kuneri, on Netflix has been announced!
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28 January 2023 17:58


The release date of Cem Yılmaz’s highly anticipated series, Erşan Kuneri, on Netflix has been announced!

The broadcast date of the TV series Erşan Kuneri, shot by famous comedian Cem Yılmaz for Netflix, has been announced as May 13.

The 8-episode series, which was shot last summer, will meet with the audience on Netflix as of May 13, 2022. In the project in which Cem Yılmaz both wrote his story and took the lead role; Actors including Ezgi Mola, Çağlar Çorumlu, Merve Dizdar, Zafer Algöz, Nilperi Şahinkaya, Bülent Şakrak and Uraz Kaygılaroğlu took part…

The set images shared on social media in Erşan Kuneri’s shooting last summer aroused great curiosity in the audience. Cem Yilmaz fans were eagerly awaiting the release date of the series.

The first season of the series, which will focus on the experiences of the phenomenon character Erşan Kuneri, who also appeared in Cem Yılmaz’s films ‘G.O.R.A.’ and ‘Arif V 216’, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, consists of 8 episodes.

Çağlar Çorumlu, the actor of the TV series “Erşan Kuneri”, which made a lot of noise during the shooting phase, told in an interview that he played a different role in each of the 8 episodes. These 8 different characters of the actor were also a matter of curiosity. Thus, it was revealed that the most surprising name of the series would be Çağlar Çorumlu.

The actor of the series, Zafer Algöz, who is also a close friend of Cem Yılmaz, made a statement about the series, “It was a quality job that no one dared to do easily in Turkey.”

Stating that each episode was shot with the quality of a feature film, Algöz said, “It is a very costly and meticulous job. We play eight characters, all of us, head to head. It’s not always the same guys, there are very different players this time.”

Zafer Algöz, who said that Erşan Kuneri is an expensive production without being rushed, increased the excitement about the series.

In the post shared on Netflix Turkey’s Instagram account, “Our Pride Kuneri Film is with us now. Erşan Kuneri is only playing on Netflix on May 13.” it was said.

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