The Sadakatsiz series deeply affected the Latins, Melis Sezen was stunned by what she saw!
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3 February 2023 15:32


The Sadakatsiz series deeply affected the Latins, Melis Sezen was stunned by what she saw!

Melis Sezen, who did not appear in the middle after the finale of the Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful) series, became the agenda with her vacation in Miami, USA. Explaining that the series was broadcast on the TV channel Telemundo in the USA, Melis Sezen announced that she met her co-star Cansu Dere in Miami and they missed her.

Melis Sezen announced that the TV series “Sadakatsiz” was broadcast on the Floride-based channel Telemundo, which broadcasts for Latin Americans, and that it attracted great attention. Explaining that when she met those who knew the series on her trip to the USA, they called her with the name Derin, the actress said that everyone had a great command of the subject of the series Sadakatsiz.

Melis Sezen was so surprised by what she saw in the USA that she expressed this with great pride and with the following words: “There is a channel called Telemundo and it is broadcasting Unfaithful. We’ve had an incredible amount of interest. Cansu was also with us. We had so much fun, we missed each other so much. It was very enjoyable. There is incredible interest. Everyone is watching Unfaithful like crazy. Latinos love it. As they saw me, they came as ‘Derin’. They dominate the show so much. I took pictures with a lot of people. I talked about the series. They love Turkish serials. There are really a lot of Turkish TV series being watched. I think this is something to be very proud of. We see that we do our job very well and that people on another continent appreciate our job. This is something to be very proud of.”

Melis Sezen said that there is a close relationship between Latin culture and Turkish culture, and she realized this from the dialogues she had with people she met on the street. The actress said, “Warm people, it looks like we are inside… We see that they are also very possessive. This makes me very happy. At least they own it as much as we do, “she said.

Reminding that the TV series Sadakatsiz was broadcast in Spain and broke the record, the actress said, “Turkish TV series are successful around the world, I think this is something to be proud of.”

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