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20 August 2022 08:32


The scene in the TV series Camdaki Kız made Enis Arıkan cry a lot!

Famous actor Enis Arıkan is so involved in roles that he said that the character he portrayed felt as if it had been done to his. Enis Arıkan, who was the guest of İbrahim Selim’s program broadcast on Fox TV, with whom he took the stage together in the Alice Musical, gave some information about his approach to acting.

Enis Arıkan, who draws attention with his Muzaffer character in the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl on the Glass), gives a successful performance. Enis Arıkan, who is generally known for his comedy roles and who is acclaimed for his entertaining personality in daily life, was surprised by his fans because he took part in a drama full of tragedy like the Camdaki Kız.

However, Enis Arıkan, who proved that he can be very good in the drama role, also told about an incident he experienced in the TV series “Camdaki Kız”. The 47th episode of the series was also the second season finale. His victorious character was abandoned while he was waiting to marry Pera. Hours before the wedding, Pera left a note and left Muzaffer.

Reminding the scene where his character in the series was abandoned, the actor said: “I feel very sorry for myself. I’m in pain like it’s been done to me. I’m getting married in our last final scene, the bride left me. I cry cry cry at home… I mean, I don’t suffer that much on set, I suffer a lot watching it at home.”

With these words, Enis Arıkan expressed that he portrayed his roles as if he lived them, and that while watching him at home, he felt as if what was done to the character was done to him and went to the screen.

Enis Arıkan made everyone in the studio laugh with this statement.

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