Series News The screenwriters played the game, the audience of the Ateş Kuşları series was stunned!

The screenwriters played the game, the audience of the Ateş Kuşları series was stunned!


Ateş Kuşları (The Firebirds) series started a new process in the rating competition on Friday evenings. We are witnessing that the series, which met with its audience again after a 2-week break, again achieved very good ratings. Although the 5th episode of the series has lost ratings in all audience groups, it is still in a good condition.

In particular, we can say that Ateş Kuşları, who finished the day in the third place in the category of all people and achieved ratings of 6, have good results for the future. Of course, below-average AB ratings also reveal a troubling situation. The very low ratings in the AB group, where the highly educated audience is measured, shows that the series is a classic ATV production.

Atv series are projects with strong drama and these heavy drama stories can be very effective on the general audience. For this reason, while ATV serials mostly get very good ratings in the category of all people, low rates come in the AB group. Because the educated audience in the AB group is not very impressed by such heavy drama stories.

Here, Ateş Kuşları, as a classic ATV series, contains a heavy drama story. It should be noted that in the character of Gülayşe, İlayda Alişan gave a performance that pleased her fans and the story received great support from the audience.

The screenwriters of the series are also very skilled at showing the right and hitting the left in the story. The loyal viewers of the series often make comments stating that unexpected events happen and the element of curiosity increases exponentially before each episode.

The viewers, who make comments with expressions of surprise, “I did not expect the series to turn out like this,” are sharing that different stories and fluent language are very important in success.

They first made everyone suspect Nazmiye about the screenwriters leaving Gülayşe in the trash, and then directed the arrows at Nermin. The result seems to have taken everyone by surprise.

In addition, the event of Barbaros’ kidnapping of Gülayşe will mark the 6th new episode. This step of the screenwriters seems to have taken many viewers by surprise.