The separation of Berkay Ateş in the TV series Sadakatsiz caused surprise
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3 December 2022 08:47


The separation of Berkay Ateş in the TV series Sadakatsiz caused surprise

Kanal D’s TV series Sadakatsiz, which has been very disappointed in the ratings this season, signed an interesting episode last night. Aras character played by Berkay Ateş in the series left the story. However, Berkay Ateş said last week that he would not leave the series.

The audience of the Sadakatsiz series was shocked by the departure of the character Aras, played by Berkay Ateş, in last night’s episode. Because no one expected the separation of this character. As a matter of fact, Berkay Ateş denied this claim just last week.

In the second season, it was claimed that the character Aras would die and Berkay Ateş, who portrayed him, would leave the series, in Sadakatsiz, which was criticized on the grounds that the story was getting too long and boring. However, the claim was denied by Berkay Ateş himself. Answering journalists’ questions, Berkay Ateş announced that the claim was not true and that he would continue the series. Aras did not die, but left.

This situation brings to mind “was your decision made at the last minute for strategic reasons?” brought the question. Because the ambitious series, which started the season with the first place, continues to lose ratings every week. Considering this situation, the screenwriters may have decided to leave the character of Aras by making a last-minute change to increase the excitement in the series, which will be finalized at the end of the season.

The loyal viewers of the series have not liked the character of Aras since the first episode, and criticized him for changing Asya. The audience missed the vengeful old Asya. In last night’s episode, the fact that Asya started to burn again with the fire of revenge strengthens the possibility of a last-minute change by the scriptwriters.

Sadakatsiz fans, whose 50 episodes have been published so far, share their opinions on social media, while also expressing the idea that the scenario is back to the beginning.

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