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12 August 2022 11:27


The series Dünyayla Benim Aramda put a lot of pressure on Demet Özdemir!

Famous actress Demet Özdemir was the guest of İbrahim Selim’s program on Fox TV screen during this period when her fans were eagerly waiting for her new series. In the program where there were entertaining moments, the project Dünyayla Benim Aramda (Between the World and Me), the second domestic series of Disney Plus, came to the fore.

İbrahim Selim said that he was also in the series and that they worked on the same set with Demet Özdemir. Buğra Gülsoy and Hafsanur Sancaktutan are also in the lead roles, and there are millions of viewers eagerly awaiting the series both in our country and abroad.

Details about the series also emerged with the conversation between the two. İbrahim Selim said, “It was one of the most entertaining works I have played,” and said that the set was very joyful.

Demet Özdemir presented information about the process she went through with the series. The crew, who went to the set in April, completed the shooting last week. The first trailer for the series has also been released and is expected to be shown on Disney Plus soon.

Demet Özdemir, describing her experiences in the 8-episode romantic comedy series, said, “I get really nervous while trying to understand the character when I start work. For a long time I was very panicked. I am sure that this excitement added a lot to me, but I really wanted the best.”

In fact, with these words, Demet Özdemir showed that such a pressure as doing a very good job is very effective on it. Going to a job for a world giant like Disney Plus, which millions have been waiting for excitedly, has resulted in the actress feeling the pressure very intensely.

Demet Özdemir underlined that the team is very good, from the director to the people working in all other technical jobs, and emphasized that her fellow actors are also great. Explaining that she is pleased to work with İbrahim Selim, the actress said, “I can say that it is a very different job. I hope it piques your interest. It was a good journey, frankly,” she said.

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