Series News The series of those who are looking for a second chance, Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi

The series of those who are looking for a second chance, Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi


You will see Ertan Saban in the lead role in the new TV series, Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi (Come life as it Knows), which will soon appear in front of the audience on the Show TV screen. The master actor, who will portray the character named Sadi Payaslı, will again draw the attention of the audience with a very different story.

Ertan Saban, who plays the character of Sadi Payaslı, who has a mafia past and participated in many conflicts, killed people and had a hand in many dirty jobs, said that he will take part in a very changeable character.

This character will later agree with the police, and then, as a result of the developments, he will start a new life as a geography teacher in a high school. The meeting of 5 young people from the correctional home and Sadi Payaslı in this high school will cause very different events.

Ertan Saban also drew attention to the variability of the series. The screenplay was written by Gani Müjde, and it seems to be one of the most ambitious series of the summer season. No one other than Ertan Saban could play a character like Sadi Payaslı in the series, whose trailers showed great interest.

The master actor said, “He is a character that changes, transforms, and will start from point a and go all the way to z with dots. Let’s not reveal too much. A character with a comeback. Someone looking for a second chance. “Our story is the story of those who seek their second chance, and many who get it.”

Ertan Saban has already made his fans very curious with his new series. The character of Sadi Payaslı seems to be one of the most talked about names of the summer period.

The series Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, will convey the story of those who stand up to life with its gripping plot. Bringing together masters and young actors, the cast of the series includes Ertan Saban, Özge Özberk, Devrim Özkan, Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, Özgü Delikanlı, Mustafa Açılan, Ayşe Kırca, Onur Özer, Sanem Babi, Rojbin Erden, Ali Berge, Melisa Bostancıoğlu.

Directed by Altan Dönmez, Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, will tell the story of Sadi Payaslı, who left his dirty past behind and was appointed to Karabayır High School as a geography teacher, and where his path intersects with five young people from the reformatory.

Sadi Payaslı, with his unwavering sense of justice, will support these young people who started their life behind a zero…