Series News The series of Tutunamayanlar is the professional face of the new concept!

The series of Tutunamayanlar is the professional face of the new concept!


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, TRT made a corporate decision and stopped the set work in all series, but this development enabled the Eighties TV series team to open a new area with the Homemade series. It was the Kalk Gidelim Eve project that developed the series format shot from the house.

The Tutunamayanlar Online series continues in a slightly different way than the other two productions and with a highly professional perspective. It was revealed what happened behind the set of Tutunamayanlar Online, the first part of which was released.

The director of the series Osman Nail Doğan explained the details with his statement. Doğan underlined that people need more hope, joy than ever.

“We changed the scenario and made it suitable for the new situation. He established a very successful system in our technical team. We have realized the remote series business with completely professional equipment, not mobile phones. We are trying to manage this whole process from Yozgat and Murad Zaloğlu from Istanbul. ”

Professional images are taken with the camera, light and sound equipment sent to the houses of Zafer Algöz, Asuman Dabak and Bora Akkaş. Barış Yıldız and Doğu Demirkol are performing alone.

The location of the shoot is being prepared 1 day ago. Dogu Demirkol is making preparations on his own and playing his role. He also contacts the technical team remotely and gets support on issues such as light and sound. Robot cameras do a great job at this point.