Series News The shocking breakup that no one expected in the My Home My Destiny!

The shocking breakup that no one expected in the My Home My Destiny!

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One of the series that continues with its second season, My Home My Destiny, it continues to perform well on Wednesday evenings. 26 episodes of the series, which has been prominent for a while with the issue of violence against women and attracted attention with the messages Demet Özdemir gave through the character of Zeynep, have been published so far.

The episodes where the weight of Engin Öztürk, who was later included in the duo of Demet Özdemir and İbrahim Çelikkol and who gave the lead role, was felt more, started to attract attention. After the Mehdi was imprisoned and stabbed, the story of the series, in which Zeynep was wondering whether she would give up her complaint, was moving forward with excitement. However, an incoming breakup will demoralize all viewers.

Eylem Canpolat, who has been writing the series meticulously and has achieved great success, left My Home My Destiny… Canpolat, together with Ozan Aksungur, decided to undertake the script of the series The Ambassador’s Daughter.

According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş from TV100, Eylem Canpolat, who is expected to run both series together, chose The Ambassador’s Daughter. It was revealed that Eylem Canpolat, who left the script of My Home My Destiny, transferred this responsibility to his teammates.

After the departure of Eylem Canpolat, it was also a matter of curiosity whether the scenario where the My Home My Destiny will continue to be written successfully until now.

Because the most powerful aspect of the series was its fluent and effective script … Let’s see if we can see the reflections of this separation in the following weeks?