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6 July 2022 10:43


The solution is very clear in Camdaki Kız, which has a big drop in ratings!

Kanal D’s TV series “Camdaki Kız”, which was screened with a great claim last winter, has not come down from the first place in the ratings since the first day it came to the screen. But in the middle of the second season, everything suddenly changed. So, what is the formula to save Camdaki Kız, which has experienced a rapid decline in ratings?

Camdaki Kız series, adapted from Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s novel of the same name, stormed when it came to the screen last winter. With its striking story and characters, the series had reached the top and had not descended throughout the season.

Camdaki Kız started the second season very quickly. For weeks, he did not lose the first place in the rankings. However, when it came to the ninth episode, the color of the work began to change. The series, whose ratings started to decrease gradually, started to fall behind in the rankings.

The Mahkum series, which aired on Fox TV on Thursday evenings, literally dealt a major blow to the Masumlar Apartmanı. The Mahkum series, which created great excitement with each episode, took the first place in the ratings, causing the girl in the glass to drop rapidly.

The rating score of the Camdaki Kız was so bad last week that it even fell behind the Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı series, which was a complete disappointment with its low ratings even though it came with a big claim.

So how does the Camdaki Kız survive such an astonishing fall? For this, it is enough to look at the complaints of the viewers. The audience is now very tired of the fact that Nalan, played by Burcu Biricik, is constantly oppressed by her mother and others and cannot get out of this spiral, and she expresses this distress on social media at every opportunity.

Camdaki Kız novel actually consists of two parts. In the first episode, what we’ve seen so far takes place. In the second episode, Nalan, unable to bear the weight of her experiences, falls in love with Hayri, who is close to him, and goes after him. After all the pompous life, it becomes the co-wife of a man living in a slum.

Hayri character played by Cihangir Ceyhan entered the series at the beginning of the second season. And this entry created a great stir in the audience. Therefore, the audience hoped that Nalan would leave all life behind by saying enough is enough.

However, the hope was not fulfilled. It’s been almost four months since the second season started, but the story of Camdaki Kız stretched out like chewing gum, the transition to the new story never started. This made the audience wearied, and even the lameness of the much-loved Nalan began to annoy.

Therefore, the screenwriters of Camdaki Kız need to act quickly and begin the second phase of the story. Otherwise, viewers will continue to leave Camdaki Kız one by one.

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