The sons of Hazal Kaya and Ceyda Düvenci met
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28 March 2023 01:53


The sons of Hazal Kaya and Ceyda Düvenci met

The famous actress Hazal Kaya learned pregnant towards the finale of Our Story series. Ali Atay, who is an actor and director like her, and hen sons Fikret Ali took their hands on november last year. Fiko is now counting days to turn 1 year old. From time to time Hazal Kaya shares the cute poses of little Fikret Ali on Instagram.

Hazal Kaya, who was brought together with her son, Nur Fettahoğlu’s daughter, recently. Hazal Kaya and Nur Fettahoğlu, who starred together in the TV series Forbidden Love years ago, said ‘Bana Ne Oldu?’ They were in front of the camera in the movie named.

Two actress’ who have always wanted to reunite in a project and play two girls for years came true with this movie. Kaya and Fettahoğlu, who played two titles named Harika Bal and Sertab Bal, experienced reunion after many years.

The two actress’, who shared their moments on social media from time to time on the set, came together this time at a home meeting after the shooting of the film was finished. Nur Fettahoğlu has a 4-year-old daughter named Elisa from Levend Veziroğlu, a businessman whom she married in 2013.

The photos of Elisa and Fiko together attracted the attention of fans of the two actress’. After this cute duo, another cute square emerged.

Hazal Kaya took her son Fikret Ali to the beach on Sunday, taking advantage of the beauty of the weather. Where the actress takes a son around behind the selfie.

Following this photo, Hazal Kaya published the photo of Ceyda Düvenci and Bülent Şakrak meeting their couple with their son Okan Ali on the beach. Okan Ali was also born in July 2017. Okan Ali is also reflected in the photo, who turned 3 years old with his sweetness.

Here are the frames from that pleasant meeting:

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