Artists News Ebru Şahin’s poses are not sporty but sexy

Ebru Şahin’s poses are not sporty but sexy

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Ebru Şahin is enthralling with her Reyyan character in the Hercai series published on ATV screens. She had not come to the fore in the productions she starred in before, but she had a good harmony with Akın Akınözü in the series Hercai, where she played the leading role, and gave an important test on behalf of her career. The actress gained a huge fan base with Hercai.

Ebru Şahin does not fall off the agenda in social media. From time to time, the actress has surprise posts on his Instagram page to her fans who connect and love her with the character of Reyyan in Hercai. The actress, who is on the cover of many magazines with Reyyan, is at the peak of her popularity.

The audience even forgot that Ebru Şahin gave life to a psychopathic pilot in the Forbidden Fruit, after the character Burcu, who previously played in the The Bride Of Istanbul series.

Her fans, who put her in heart as Reyyan, praise and comment on Ebru Şahin’s successful acting and beauty on social media. The player, who received thousands of likes and comments with each post, received more than 395 thousand likes in a short time with her latest post.

Her followers loved this sharing of the actress who posted her photos taken in a historical place in Mardin, where the TV series were shot. Praising the actress’ beauty, her fans comment, “You burned us, we caught fire, what a beauty this is”.

Below, you can see Ebru Şahin looking sexy even in sportswear. The abdominal muscles are also visible from the short blouse that exposes the player’s belly. In addition, it is seen that Aslıhan Güner and Eda Ece liked the photograph.

Here are the most talked about photos of Ebru Şahin: