Artists News Gizem Karaca both had fun and gave the good news of a new project

Gizem Karaca both had fun and gave the good news of a new project

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Gizem Karaca, the famous actress who gave life to the character of Elisa in the TRT1 series named My Champion, tells her followers that she enjoys life with her posts on social media.

Gizem Karaca, who goes down to the beach with her dog and poses for her coffee on the beach, expresses how happy and peaceful she is in every way… The actress, who shared 3 photos, asked her fans to run their imaginations about what happened at that time. He announced that he would write the answer tomorrow.

Gizem Karaca stated that if people guessed correctly, maybe she could give a gift. Many of her followers wrote that when her dog did not stand still, the coffee was poured on it and her hand was burned.

However, the famous actress gave answers stating that this is not the case …

Some fans speculated that the coffee was thrown into the throat.

Gizem Karaca shared another post and gave her followers the good news of a new project.

The famous actress posted a photo from the Instagram story section showing that she is reading a script. The actress, who marked some places on the script, will be in front of her fans with a project.