The special episode of Kaderimin Oyunu will be released!
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6 October 2022 12:39


The special episode of Kaderimin Oyunu will be released!

Star’s NGM Media signed series ‘Kaderimin Oyunu’, which is watched with interest, meets the audience on Friday with its special episode. In the lead roles; Featuring Öykü Karayel, Akın Akınözü and Sarp Apak, ‘Kaderimin Oyunu’ became a remarkable drama production of the new season with its breathtaking story and strong cast.

Emre Kabakuşak sits in the director’s chair of “Kaderimin Oyunu”, produced by Nazlı Heptürk and produced by NGM Media. The script of the series is written by Gül Abus Semerci. ‘Kaderimin Oyunu’ brings to the screen the life of Asiye, who is trying to hold on to life with her two children at a young age. It was announced that the special episode of the series will be broadcast on Friday, January 7th.

In the statement made by Star TV, a special episode consisting of the stages of the first 4 episodes will be broadcast on Friday evening at 20:00. The fifth new episode of the series was revealed with the shared trailer that will be released on Friday, January 14th.

Kaderimin Oyunu tells the story of Asiye, who has a happy family and a husband whom she loves very much, after her husband Cemal left her, and after she faced a tragic event.

For her, nothing is the same anymore, he even has to start everything from scratch. At this point, Cemal enters his life as a brand new person. And of course, they cross paths with a brand new man named Mahir.

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