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17 May 2022 17:09


The stage of Eren Ören and Lizge Cömert in the TV series Kardeşlerim was among the best!

Kardeşlerim (My Brothers) series is broadcast on ATV on Saturday evenings and attracts millions to the screen. There is great praise on social media for the scene where Kaan and Süsen argue in the 46th episode of the series… Süsen’s desire to tell Ömer the truth, but Kaan’s efforts to prevent this caused the two young people to crash from the balcony of the school.

When Kaan realized that Süsen would fall, he tried to protect her with one last move, but everything was over for him. It has already been revealed that Eren Ören will leave the series in the past days, and with this scene, it was revealed that the character will no longer be in the series. Kardeşlerim fans shared comments stating that they found the performance of the two young actors very successful.

In the comments on social media, there are many messages that this scene is one of the most emotional and realistic scenes of the series so far. The followers of the series, who praised the acting of Lizge and Eren, commented:

“The best scene of the season or the most watched, most curious and admired scene. Lizge and Eren will shine a lot in the future.”

Stating that the two young actors were very emotional on stage and felt those moments inside, the viewers of the TV series “Kardeşlerim” were also saddened by the ending of Kaan’s character… Fans of the series, who think that there will be very emotional scenes for Süsen in the next part of the series, think that they will suffer a lot.

The words of praise for the two young actors on social media made them stand out. Kardeşlerim, it is already a production in which young actors shine, and a beautiful talent presentation for the future took place for two young actors.

Eren Ören was one of the most entertaining names on the set and the source of joy on the set. Even if the young actor’s departure from the series upsets his fans, he will soon continue to be on the screen with new projects. Her fans are sure that Eren Ören will do well in the future.

Kaan, who was hospitalized in the 47th episode of the TV series, Kardeşlerim, which will be broadcast on April 9, will also deeply affect the audience. It is certain that the character will leave the series…

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