The story of Birce Akalay's new series will hurt everyone deeply!
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26 March 2023 00:16


The story of Birce Akalay’s new series will hurt everyone deeply!

Birce Akalay fans are eagerly awaiting the series Mezarlık, which tells about the murders of women and has a special story.

The series, which is designed as a digital production, will be shot in seasons of 4 episodes. Previously, Abdullah Oğuz will reveal a similar project of the detective series called Çember, this time through femicides.

The new series, Mezarlık, which is the focus of research in a special femicide department created in the Police Department, will bring together famous names.

After the television series Babil last season, Birce Akalay, who took the lead role in the digital series called Kuş Uçuşu, again chose the digital project.

The famous actress, who also aims to bring the subject of femicide to the fore and to create social awareness, will be on the set soon. The names that will appear in the cast of the series are also emerging.

Among them; Olgun Toker, Berna Öztürk, Sezgin Uzunbekiroğlu. In addition, negotiations are underway with Hakan Karahan to take part in the project.

Birce Akalay fans are eagerly waiting for the details of this message-laden project. Filming is scheduled to begin soon.

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