Series News The story of Serkan Çayoğlu’s exciting series of Kader Bağları will surprise everyone!

The story of Serkan Çayoğlu’s exciting series of Kader Bağları will surprise everyone!


Famous actor Serkan Çayoğlu is making a comeback to television series. The new series of Kader Bağları (Ties of Fate) will be a new test for the famous actress, who says she is excited and believes she will do a great job.

Serkan Çayoğlu’s partner in the lead role in the series was determined as Ayça Ayşin Turan. The entire team of the series came together and performed the reading rehearsals. The story of the series Kader Bağları, which has an impressive cast, seems to attract a lot of attention.

Benal Tairi is the director of the series, which bears the signature of Process Film. The scriptwriter is Sema Ali Erol. The colorful rehearsals, where the actors and the team came together, and the energy of the actors and their willingness to start the project immediately were remarkable.

Love is Defeating Fate! This word is the main idea of the series “Kader Bağları”. The Destiny Bağları series, which tells the struggle of two young people whose paths cross in a vineyard, has a scenario that will attract the audience to both drama and love.

You will find a passionate love in this series. You will witness how the love of two crazy young people keeps them together, even if they are in different worlds.

Serkan Çayoğlu will appear in the series with the character of Kerem. Ayça Ayşin Turan will appear in front of the audience as Sevda. Kerem and Sevda’s exams full of love and struggle with life will also give the audience on the screen the idea that love is also defeating destiny.

The shooting of the new Fox TV series called Kader Bağları, which also includes successful actors such as Arzu Gamze Kılınç, Alptekin Serdengeçti, Nazlı Bulum, Sanem Babi, Mehmet Aykaç, Zeynep Köse, Tolga İskit, Aslı İçözü, Betül Çobanoğlu, Yusuf Akgün, will start soon.