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9 August 2022 13:47


The subject of Mezarlık series is feminicide, signed by Abdullah Oğuz!

Violence against women and feminicide, which has been a big problem in our country for many years and cannot be solved, is also the subject of TV series.

Last season, the TV series named Masumiyet highlighted the issue of violence against women and gave important messages, but it was a short-term project due to its high budget.

In the 2021-2022 season, there is a period when strong female characters take place more in the series. It has also been revealed that a new digital series is being prepared for the new season and that it will focus on feminicide.

The subject of feminicide was also discussed in the Exxen TV series called Hükümsüz. Abdullah Oğuz is producing the new series…

It was also revealed that an agreement was reached with Birce Akalay as the female lead actress.

The project, which is expected to give important messages, will be published on a digital platform. The project, in which an ambitious staff is prepared and called Mezarlık, is eagerly awaited.

One wonders what kind of atmosphere the producer and director Abdullah Oğuz, who is remembered with two important detective series such as Kanıt and Çember, will create in the new digital series.

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