The subject of Limit, Tolgahan Sayışman's first production attempt, has been revealed!
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28 January 2023 17:22


The subject of Limit, Tolgahan Sayışman’s first production attempt, has been revealed!

Taking a break from acting and giving a different direction to his career, Tolgahan Sayışman continues to work at full speed to bring Turkey’s first Japanese manga adaptation, Limit, to life. The first images from the scenes of the highly anticipated series Limit, which has been shooting for three weeks in Balıkesir Dursunbey, were shared on social media.

Famous actor Tolgahan Sayisman had founded a production company called Han, which gave a new direction to his career a while ago. The treasurer had determined his new project and pressed the button for his first series Limit. Limit will be Turkey’s first Japanese manga adaptation.

Miray Akay, Aslıhan Kapanşahin, Cansu Sabancı, Aslıhan Karalar, Sedef Çalışır and Çağla Boz share the lead roles in Limit, which is planned to be a two-season mini-series and will be broadcast on a digital channel. The series also includes Erdem Şanlı, Burak Altay, Gamze Dar, Canan Ekinci, Mert Altınışık, Burcu Binici and Aylin Kabasakal.

The subject of the TV series Limit, directed by Müge Uğurlar, has also been announced. The series tells the struggle of five girls to survive after a bus accident with a group of high school students.

Tolgahan Sayisman had recently visited the set of the TV series and visited the actors and crew. There is no word yet on when the filming of the series will be completed.

What is manga?

Manga is the Japanese word for comics, drawn with the art of anime drawing and read from right to left. The illustrations are more exaggerated than the anime. Today, the most well-known form of Japanese comics is story comics. They were first published in serials in comic book magazines and later made into a book. All of them reach thousands of pages in length.

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