Series News Aslıhan Karalar is coming with a very different role, she is experiencing the excitement of the Limit series!

Aslıhan Karalar is coming with a very different role, she is experiencing the excitement of the Limit series!


Aslıhan Karalar’s 4 projects will be published in 2022! The actress took part in 4 different productions, of which 3 are movies and one is a series, and these projects have not yet met with the audience. Aslıhan Karalar attended the opening of a beauty center. Explaining that she does not like to put on too much make-up and does it on special occasions, the actress prefers to be natural. Even if she could not achieve this on the set, Aslıhan Karalar, who relaxes her skin outside the set, receives new project offers.

Born in 1999 in Ankara, the actress stepped on the sets with the character Ezgi in the TV series Şahin Tepesi in 2018. Afterwards, Aslıhan Karalar, who met with the audience on the ATV screen as Burçin Hatun in the Kuruluş Osman series, gained great popularity in a short time.

The actress, who draws attention with her talents, beauty and smooth physique, has appeared in films and some digital TV series one after the other… Stating that the movies named Adanış Kutsal Kavga, Daha İyi Bir Yarın and Aynasız will be released in 2022, the actress said that the digital film called Limit, which was shot in the summer, She stated that she is waiting for the series to be published.

Explaining that Tolgahan Sayışman acts a very different character in the TV series Limit, shot by the production company she owns, Aslıhan Karalar said: “I acted a very different character in Limit. I can’t wait for him to enter. Apart from that, there are 3-4 other jobs that I negotiated.”

Explaining that she works with actress coaches for each role, Aslıhan Karalar explained that she continues her education and focuses on diction.

Explaining that she is developing herself with one-on-one actress coaches, Aslıhan Karalar stated that she also graduated from the business-related university that she started in London. The actress also explained that her biggest wish was to study at the conservatory and that she applied to a very good school abroad.

“My dream is to graduate from the conservatory, I hope I can make it come true,” said the actress, adding that she does sports outside the set, reads books and watches movies.