Artists News Aslıhan Karalar crowned her hard work with an award!

Aslıhan Karalar crowned her hard work with an award!

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One of the names participating in the 5th International Golden Quality Awards was Aslıhan Karalar. The actress stated that she received the award for the second time in her career. Aslıhan Karalar, who received the ‘Shining Actress of the Year’ award, also impresses with her beauty.

Aslıhan Karalar, who won the first place in the Best Model competition held in 2017, attracted great attention and later turned to TV series acting. Explaining that she aims to win awards from now on, the actress took part in two movies.

Daha İyi Bir Yarın and Adanış Kutsal Kavga productions were postponed due to the pandemic. The actress, who eagerly awaits the release of movies, attracted great attention with the character of Burçin Hatun, which she portrayed in the TV series Kuruluş Osman last season.

Aslıhan Karalar, who stepped into the industry in 2018 with the TV series Şahin Tepesi, received her second award, although she is still new.

Aslıhan Karalar, who also took part in the South Korean adaptation of the TV series Limit, had a very busy summer. Explaining that she is currently in the resting period, the actress also said that there is no new project she has agreed on.

The TV series Limit was a Survivor-like survival story and became the first project of Tolgahan Sayışman as a producer.