The Süslü Korkuluk series is slowly emerging! But there is still time
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4 February 2023 19:32


The Süslü Korkuluk series is slowly emerging! But there is still time

Information about the Süslü Korkuluk (meaning: Fancy Scarecrow) series, which turns into a snake story due to the problems it has been through, is slowly coming. The series, which has created controversy since its release, still needs time to come to the screen.

Work continues on the Süslü Korkuluk series starring Çağatay Ulusoy and Esra Bilgiç. However, the plans that are disrupted due to the successive problems delay the time of the series to appear on the screen. Therefore, the fans of Çağatay Ulusoy and Esra Bilgiç should wait a little longer.

According to the latest information about the series, it is about the story of the Süslü Korkuluk. Accordingly, Süslü Korkuluk will not be a period drama, it will take place in the present. In the first promotion of Süslü Korkuluk, which was published four months ago, Çağatay Ulusoy’s costume and accessories created the impression that the series would be about a story from the past.

The series continues to be on the agenda due to the problems it has experienced one after the other. Preparations continue for the TV series, which will be broadcast first, and then the leading female actor will be changed. No word yet on when the series will begin filming.

The script team of the series is currently working feverishly. As it is known, TV8 was the first publisher of Süslü Korkuluk. The script of the series was also written at length according to the national channel.

However, when the agreement with TV 8 broke down and agreed with Netflix, all plans changed. Because on digital platforms, the episode duration of the series can be up to one hour. When this was the case, it was learned that the script team started from the beginning and wrote the story from the beginning in accordance with the digital platform.

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