Series News The Teşkilat series can no longer compete with the Yargı in the ratings!

The Teşkilat series can no longer compete with the Yargı in the ratings!


There was a great rating race between the Yargı (Judgement) series and The Teşkilat (Organization) on Sunday evenings. However, this has now begun to change. As the end of May is approaching step by step, another season in the television industry is coming to an end.

In such a critical period, it will be decided whether the projects will continue next season or not. On Sunday evenings, we witnessed the race of two very important TV series for a long time.

The Teşkilat series exploded the ratings in its first season. However, we remember that the Teşkilat lost some viewers with the strong release of the series Yargı in the second season, but still achieved very impressive ratings.

This season, the rating race between the Yargı and Teşkilat series, which started terribly, has gradually turned into acknowledging the superiority of the Yargı series. Yargı, starring the duo of Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, left behind 60 episodes on Kanal D screen.

Yargı, which received the best ratings in all audience groups on Sunday evening, April 9, did not lose the first place. We see a Yargı performance that consolidates the audience and does not fall below the 7th ratio in the AB and ABC1 categories.

The Teşkilat series, on the other hand, is no longer able to respond as strongly to its opponent. The series, which met with the audience on the TRT1 screen, started to decline even below the ratios of 5. It should be noted that the series took second place on Sunday evening in all individuals and AB groups, and fell to third place on ABC1.

When we look at the ratings, we see that the Teşkilat series, starring the duo of Murat Yıldırım and Deniz Baysal, gradually lost the interest of the audience towards the end of the season.

Of course, he still has millions of fans, but it’s a fact that even half of the ratings for The Teşkilat, which hit double digits in the first two seasons, are no longer available.