Series News The time has come for the big decision in the Arıza!

The time has come for the big decision in the Arıza!

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The episode of Arıza, signed by 03 Medya, which was screened on Show TV last night, aroused great curiosity with its stunning final scene. Burak, who was brought before the consortium, confessed to what he had done, and the partners decided to execute him. Although Fuat Ersoylu plans to save his son from death, A. Rıza shocked everyone with a surprise move in the final.

Ali Rıza brought Burak before the consortium to admit that he had done, in the episode of Arıza, which was watched with admiration and left its mark on Sunday evenings. Accepting the charges, Burak said that he did everything for the consortium to continue, but the consortium gave the verdict on Burak and his execution was decided.

Although Fuat Ersoylu made a plan to save his son from death, there was a surprise development in the final. On the way to his execution, Burak was shocked when A. Reza got on the car while waiting for Fiko and his men to rescue him on the way. While A. Rıza dealt another blow to Burak saying that Fiko never came and his father sent him to death, “What will A. Rıza do to Burak?” The answer to the question has already been a great curiosity.

With the 15th episode broadcast yesterday evening, Arıza managed to take the first place in Redemption in the most watched series. The series was the second most watched series in AB and ABC1 groups. With the start of the exciting episode, the label # SanaBirŞeyOlursa was also talked about on social media for a long time.


Ali Rıza brought Halide, who was shot as a result of Numan’s attack, to the hospital. He then took action when he learned that Hassan’s Numan had taken refuge in the neighborhood. Ali Rıza, who first killed his brother, did not show mercy to Numan and brought it to an end.


Melek, who could not make Haşmet listen to the sound recording, shared the terrible truth that Murat confessed with Mithat. Learning that Fuat was the murderer of Haşmet’s family by listening to the audio recording, Mithat was astonished. Saying that having Haşmet listened to the recording would start a great war, Mithat managed to calm Melek.


Burak, who wanted to reach Numan before Ali Rıza, could not succeed. When Ali Rıza, who finished Numan’s job, met Burak, who entered the neighborhood, a one-on-one duel took place between the two. Ali Rıza, who managed to defeat Burak, detained him in a secluded building. Trying to get a confession about Numan here, A. Rıza poured gasoline over Burak’s head. Finally, in an environment where the tension escalated, Burak agreed to confess. Fuat Ersoylu, who could not get any news from his son, gathered the consortium in a hurry while A. Rıza brought Burak to the front of the consortium. Accepting the accusations against him, Burak said that he did everything to keep the consortium going, and the consortium ruled. Although Fuat wanted one more day and made a plan to cut the sentence, Ali Rıza’s surprise move changed everything in the final.