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20 May 2022 20:44


The viewers see the separation of the two characters in the Destan series as unnecessary and a mistake!

18 episodes of the Destan (Epic) series, which is broadcast on Tuesday evenings on the ATV screen, have appeared on the screen so far. You can watch the 19th new episode of the series, starring Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar, on ATV on Tuesday, April 12, at 20.10.

The series, whose story takes place in the eighth century and reveals the struggle of an imaginary heroine, also resulted in Ebru Şahin learning many martial arts. The actress went through a lot of training, starting before the shooting of the series. As the scenes progress, you can see how successful these trainings are in Ebru Şahin’s professional fight scenes.

The actress also explained that they tried to make the fight scenes even more different and to shoot them carefully, especially with the movements that had not been tried before. While the story of the series progresses smoothly, the ratings have dropped a little, but a loyal audience still pushes the story forward.

Before the 19th new episode of the series, viewers are excitedly wondering what happened to Batuga and how Akkız will save him. The two separations in the Destan series in the past weeks hurt the hearts of the audience.

The audience, who stated that the series progressed very successfully, but the separation of the characters of Kün Ata and Tutkun was not good, criticize the screenwriters that they made the wrong decision.

Şahin Ergüney played the character of Kün Ata in the series. As passion, we watched Elif Doğan’s successful performance. Fans of the series share comments on social media that they do not expect the farewell of these two very popular characters and that they are shocked.

Stating that both characters add great color to the series, the viewers share comments that they think that the script has been good so far, but that they think that a wrong decision has been made for the first time with the farewell of these two characters.

A number of fans commented, “The drama was flawless until the murders of Kün Ata and Tutkun. Important lead roles were unnecessarily removed.”

Fans of the Destan series cannot predict what will happen in the next episodes and how the story will progress. This situation ensures that the interest in the series remains high… The fact that it is not even possible to predict what will happen in the series also reveals the reflex that the loyal viewers do not want to miss any episode.

In the 19th new episode of the Destan series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, April 12, the way to save Batuga is to defeat Ulu Ece.

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