Ozan Akbaba made a strategic move by accepting the Kasaba Doktoru series!
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5 February 2023 15:03


Ozan Akbaba made a strategic move by accepting the Kasaba Doktoru series!

The Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor) series, which started broadcasting on the TRT1 screen on Friday evenings, began to bring the struggle of doctors to save lives. After the great success of the TV series Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor), which lasted for 2 seasons, it is not surprising that the Kasaba Doktoru also attracted attention. First episode ratings were above average. Maybe it wasn’t a very good opening, but it’s not bad either…

For Ozan Akbaba, the Kasaba Doktoru series has a strategic importance. The actor’s return to the screen in such a role is a great opportunity for his career to be purified. The actor, who played the character of İlyas Çakırbeyli in the TV series Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandit), which lasted for 6 seasons, had a large fan base.

However, this role was not a very socially accepted role. Being known as a character specializing in killing people in the series Mafia is not a very qualified situation for Ozan Akbaba.

Following the finale of Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz , the actor’s role as the complete opposite this time, playing a surgeon to save human life, offers a great opportunity for purification.

On Friday evenings, you will now watch Hakan’s struggle to save people and help them on the TRT1 screen. The series, in which Hazal Subaşı, Vildan Atasever and Deniz Can Aktaş also starred, is of great importance as it also carries a social responsibility nature.

The Kasaba Doktoru series, which tells the social responsibility of TRT1 and the importance of doctors against the violence against doctors in our country in recent years, is a well thought out project.

Ozan Akbaba also took the lead role of this story and appeared before his fans with a role that makes you forget the 6-year period with the mafia TV series, reveals the value of human life, and shows how a sacred profession the doctor is.

This series, which is a strategic decision at the right time for the actor, has the potential to affect millions with its story.

The Kasaba Doktoru series has great importance and meaning both in the name of the doctor’s profession and in the care of the actors in the team such as Ozan Akbaba.

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