The word of Pınar Deniz, Ceylin of the Yargı series, which is on the agenda in social media!
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27 November 2022 14:32


The word of Pınar Deniz, Ceylin of the Yargı series, which is on the agenda in social media!

Pınar Deniz, the rising star of the last period with her successful acting and beauty, sat on the agenda of social media with her attitude against violence against women in an interview. The famous actress who gave life to the character of Lawyer Ceylin in the TV series “Yargı”, which is broadcast on Sunday evenings on Kanal D, impressed her fans with her performance.

In the interview she gave to Hakan Gence, Pınar Deniz made a lot of talk on social media with her statements that she did not prefer to take part in projects with scenes of violence against women. The actress took her place on the agenda of social media with this statement after her magnificent performance in the series Yargı. Thousands of messages rained down on the actress, who received applause with both her rhetoric and her acting performance.

The successful actress explained her stance against violence against women with the following words in her interview: “I do not accept violent works, especially any projects involving violence against women. I say this directly to the producer, too. When there is such a scene, I say, “I don’t prefer to play this scene and please remove this scene”.

But what’s going on? Again, those works are broadcast on television. If we all know our responsibilities in our own field, if I stay away from the projects that will normalize this situation as an actress, she as a director, and the other as a producer, change may begin somewhere. As Pınar, I want to tell stories of strong women.

I don’t want to be involved in the construction of a world that I’m against, and I want to be able to say “I won’t be in this project” and stand against this issue as an actress.”

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