The Yalnız Kurt series can generate a lot of controversy! Pay attention to the words of Osman Sinav!
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30 November 2022 04:46


The Yalnız Kurt series can generate a lot of controversy! Pay attention to the words of Osman Sinav!

The fact that the producer of the ATV series named Yalnız Kurt is Osman Sinav changes everything. One of the creators of the legend of the Kurtlar Vadisi, Osman Sinav managed to impress a large audience with the series Sen Anlat Karadeniz.

The famous producer, who had an early final shock with the series called Gel Dese Aşk last season, is now making an effort for the series called Yalnız Kurt with great excitement. Important names such as Hasan Denizyaran, Cihan Ünal, Damla Colbay, Kürşat Alnıçık, Murat Han, Deniz Evin came together for this project.

When the third trailer of the TV series Yalnız Kurt was shared, the audience paid attention to this production again. Osman Sınav gave the passwords of the Yalnız Kurt, who had a handicap at the beginning due to his comparison with the Kurtlar Vadisi.

At this point, it is worth remembering the statements made by the famous producer to Sina Koloğlu from Milliyet.

Osman Sınav underlined that there will be no heroism in the series. The critical date is 1956. In other words, it will come to the fore in the year Turkey joins NATO. After this development, the idea that the events in our country are not independent of NATO will surround the audience with the series.

“What has happened in my country since 1956, that is, since Turkey’s entry into NATO, and why?” Osman Sınav, who asked this question, also states that they will give answers to this question in the series.

Defending the idea that Turkey was stopped by betrayals on the way to independence, Osman Sınav explains the target of the Yalnız Kurt, TV series very clearly with the following words: “Despite everything, this series is my search for the stance and character we need so that we can walk.”

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