The Yalnız Kurt series deserves a second season, but what will be the final decision?
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7 December 2022 09:33


The Yalnız Kurt series deserves a second season, but what will be the final decision?

The Yalnız Kurt (Lone Wolf) series, which was broadcast on ATV screens on Friday evenings, attracted great attention when it first started, and its first few episodes were on the agenda of social media. Afterwards, there was a gradual decrease in interest and the ratings of the series also dropped.

At this point towards the end of the season, the fans of the series are wondering if there will be a second season. It is also clear that ATV may have a hesitation about whether to continue the series, which can get average ratings. There is also a master name like Cihan Ünal in the Yalnız Kurt series, which stands out for being the project of the famous director and producer Osman Sınav.

Murat Han, Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay also put forward performances that do justice to the leading role. Will the Yalnız Kurt series, which has 17 episodes so far, continue in the next season? This issue is not clear yet.

ATV has not yet made a decision about the Yalnız Kurt series. Series fans share comments on social media stating that they think it can be much more effective in the second season.

There is a large fan base who thinks that the show should continue and that the story is of very good quality. However, it is not yet clear what ATV will do, and there is still a possibility that the series will be canceled this season.

The rating performance of the Yalnız Kurt series in the last episodes is expected to be effective in the decision.

You can watch the 18th new episode of the series, which tells about the events in Turkey’s recent period, gives messages about deep relations, and provides some details about the FETO terrorist organization, on the ATV screen on Friday, May 27.

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